I'm Xin, and welcome to The Happy Subject!  What you'd find here is a mix-mash of positivity, endless adventuring, and documenting my journey to lead an extraordinary life.  This would include

  1. Shameless food-picture taking (and hopefully helpful reviews to go with it!)
  2. Unconventional traveling, and getting into trouble
  3. Fitness and nutrition discovery
  4. Reality blogging of life changing events (get your popcorn ready) 

I would be featuring my best friend on this blog, A LOT.  My husband, Mark, is one of my biggest motivation in life.  We both live, and work in NYC.  Here's a bit about more about how we got here:


  1. Both proudly born, & raised in Singapore
  2. Moved to the U.S. for College, which was where we met (California)
  3. Both landed jobs on Wall Street right after graduation, and have been living in NYC since 2011
  4. Married in December 2014 

Life has proven to be full of surprises: Much of where we are today were completely unplanned, unexpected, and worth the Earth in sweat and tears.  I am a true believer of evolving your life by embracing change - and you'll see and read a lot of that here. Be ready for this wild ride!